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and welcome to Shane Hagan - my Major Project research website. This is the brand spanking new and improved version of my research website - series #000001 (Version 1 of semester 2). You can view previous versions of my research websites by clicking on the Archive links. Dont' forget to check out Shane's Google Search Engine.

Click here to get some free internet downloads - Internet Browser, iTunes, iPhone SDK, Anti-Virus.

Shane Hagan has been designed to let you know who I am and to give you an idea of the major project I am undertaking. Shane Hagan project aim is to design and build a student informational website, focusing on the student survival guide. This “student survival guide” will be a one-stop website on information for students and tackling some issues that may affect students living away from home perhaps for the first time. The project will take the form of a fully functional website which will include interactive content.

Feel free to browse this web site, using the navigation above. You can email me your comments about this website using my Feedback form. Suggestions are always welcome!

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You may view my temporary portfolio by clicking on this link - view Shane Hagan Portfolio
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