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You are now viewing Project Diary > Week08 - Site Design
Week commencing 14th March

Site design can encompass many specific areas, such as layout, colour scheme, graphics, technology employed and so on. Since my major project is student orientated, I felt that previous design versions of my intended site were not as funky as they should be for this type of project. For this reason, I have displayed a selection of material I have researched to help me in designing that much needed funky student style.

During one of my many travels out and about the town, I picked up several inspiring leaflets that were aimed specifically towards students, such as those used by Northern Ireland Railways. Many of their recent literature and marketing campaigns for their new Metro service make great use of bright bold and flamboyant colours with quirky characters.

* Copyright © Northern Ireland Railways

* Copyright TM and © FOX   * Copyright © N. Ireland Railways
The Simpsons Official Website is absolutely amazing. If I had longer than 12 weeks to produce such a piece, I would. I find it a great source of inspiration and this is the type of design I would like the student survival guide to undertake. I must be realistic, it would not happen in the time that we have for Major Project, but I would like to develop my project website further in the near future.   NIR's new Metro map makes great use of bright bold colours and modern technology (Macromedia's Flash) to communicate the correct informtion to their passengers. It reminds me of the London Underground map!

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