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You are now viewing Project Diary > Week11 - New Brand Unveiled
Week commencing 18th April

After much consideration; deliberation; brain storming and much more, I have finally decided on my brand name and logo design.

Early on in the development of this project, some ideas for the website branding came to mind - see Semester 1 Research website - Week 12. However, in order to make the branding and logo memorable, it needed to have strong, but funky and ultra-modern styling, with bold colours; following the same style of the overall design. Continuity between site, brand and logo was paramount to the success of each in their own right.

The Street Wise logo is a hybrid of samples created during Semester 1 - Innovation & Concept. It is simple, basic but I think effective and fits the nature of the project.

Let me explain:
The four cubes represent different paths or cross-roads in life. The 's' is you, the student. The layout is symbolic in that it depicts the cross for medical facilities and so on.

Who do we turn to in life for help? Which path should we take? What happens when we come to a cross-road. Do we move on or stop to think? Or do we take two steps back to guage the situation at hand.

The purchase of a design book recommended by Chris Murphy became an invaluable source of inspiration and ideas. Dos Logos brings together nearly 3,000 signs of the modern era from a multitude of designers and companies from numerous countries. This is a truly exceptional book and justly considered one of the best buys of the year! It took several days to scan through the entire book properly and it provided some ideas to work with.

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