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Week commencing 14th February

User Profile (Persona)
After an informal group tutorial with Michelle, it was proposed that each final year student should compose a user profile for their major project. This user profile can be described as a mini-biography of a fictional user for a product or proposed product. If the user profile is carried out correctly, it should provide precise information about the character and describes their goals and motivations. Since it would be quite difficult to profile all possible user groups, it would be most appropriate to define the 'average' stereotypical user.
of a
fictional user..."

User Type: Student - Fresher, Undergraduate Years 2+

Age Group:
18 - 28 years

Male and Female

Ethnic Group:
White, Mixed, Asian, Black, Chinese, All other groups

Belfast - University and surrounding areas and Jordanstown

Drinking, socialising, clubbing, music, shopping, comedy clubs, bars, sport, reading, writing, travel and to cover everything else, exploration!

Why would students benefit from such a website?

The Student Survival Guide does exactly this! Every student or most students like to have a good time and enjoy what is left of their education before entering the big bad world. Whilst having a good time is all fine and dandy, the effects of having too much of a "good" thing can have serious consequences as some may already know. The website should make students aware of these potential risks, such as binge drinking to the point were "you" collapse, taking drugs and so on. I personally consider a good night in which I can still remember who I am, who I am with and where I live, after a few Jack Daniels and Coke!

While the Student Survival Guide will provide important information on issues effecting most if not all students, any user visiting the site should find that it puts the message across in a comical style.
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