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You are now viewing Project Diary > Week09 - Site Design II
Week commencing 21st March

Now that I have completed another stage of researching site design (Week08), I feel compelled to change my current project design as I feel it is not "funky" enough to attract the student visitors that the project is aimed towards.

The image below depicts the "basic" layout of my proposed site. Perhaps you are wondering why I am changing the design at Week 9. The answer is because I can! The reason I can do this is because of the way I have structured the intended design. Let me explain how and why.

Since I am using Macromedia's Flash as my main development tool, I convert imported images into a Graphic symbol, animations are converted into Movie symbols and text added dynamically. Hence the background of the entire Flash site is created by a 3rd party design tool; imported into Flash and then converted to a Graphic symbol. That explains how, now let me explain why. (See below image)

The original concept of the design was innovative in the sense of how I will present the content on the site. Although, I felt it needed to look more impressive and inviting to capture my main target audience. The original design would have used images taken of some buildings in the Belfast Metropolitan area and edited in Photoshop to produce a black/grey outline of each individual building. Some colour would then be added to "characterize" the site to attract the user's attention to click on a hotspot, or just to give the user something to look at. Such characteristics could include windows of some buildings going on and off depending on the time, moving objects appearing on to screen such as people. vehicles and so on - although keeping the cheesy stuff to a non-existant minimum!

The previous design is shown below and at the time of my change of mind it was still work-in-progress.

Navigation Sample Design
Below I have created one sample template of my proposed navigation using a variance of colours chosen from my colour palette (Week 6 of Design Diary). Whilst many of the colours do not quite match, I proceeded to colourise each nav as shown below. I wanted to try out a little experiment. Without putting too much thought into the colour selection for each sample, I wanted to see if any of the colours "accidentally" put together to create an unusual but effective combination.

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