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Week commencing 28th February
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This week, I finally decided to tackle the subject of fonts, colours and styling. I seem to remember one of Chris' lectures (in particular) were he mentioned that we should look at a variety of media forms to compliment our major project research, i.e. looking beyond examples of design work online. So, with this advice in mind, I began purchasing some design and computer related magazines - I say began purchasing, because I use to stand in a newsagents and take a flick through many mags without buying them! I'm not cheap, just resourceful!
" I'm not cheap,
resourceful! "

"Did you know that a site visitor forms his or her first impression about your site within the first nine seconds of a visit? Making sure your colour scheme is in contour with your site's content and visitors is very important. You want the colour scheme to enhance your site and its content, not distract or confuse your users.

Colour gives users cues as to your site's navigation, grouping of content, importance, relationships, etc. For this reason, colour is an essential element of Web site design."
Vaishali Singh

Colour Choice
Now that I am in the midst of entering the development stage, I felt that I must re-address my colour research. The diagram opposite is of the colours I originally planed on using for my major project website. Consisting simply of three solid colours and one with its opacity lowered, I felt that these would suit the style of the project topic. However, I feel that these colours are perhaps a touch dull. In saying this, I am happy with the choice of colours, but some tweaking is required to acquire the right shade.

New Project Colours
Whilst I have kept the choice of solid colours (green, blue and orange) I have selected two additional from the colour palette, as depicted opposite.

Although I have "listed" six colours in my chosen palette, not all of these will be used for the overall site colours. I will require different colours for the design of poster style images and section headings etc.

* Colour palette updated 29th March.

New Project Colours

Some common colour associations:

- blood, energetic feeling, exciting, passionate and/or erotic. The downside of red evokes aggressive feelings, suggesting anger or violence.

- flesh, friendly warmth of the hearth fire, approachability, informality. The negative side might imply accessibility to the point of suggesting that anyone can approach - a lack of discrimination or quality.

- nature (plant life, forests), life, stability, restfulness, naturalness. The downside to some tones of green is that they might suggest decay (fungus, mold), toxicity, artificiality.

Blue - male, coolness, distance, spirituality, or perhaps reserved elegance. Some shade of blue is flattering to almost anyone. In its negative mode, we can think of the "blues" as implying one of sadness, passivity, alienation, or depression.

Pink – female, cute, cotton-candy. It represents tenderness and new beginnings. Its meaning is normally associated with people, but it can also mean materialistic developments.

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