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You are now viewing Project Diary > Week10 - Sound
Week commencing 11th April

Sound n. 1 vibrations of air detectable by the ear. 2 thing that can be heard. 3 mental impression produced by a piece of news, description, etc. v. 1 produce or cause to produce sound. 2 seem when heard. 3 utter, pronounce. - Source: Oxford Minireference Dictionary & Thesaurus

Apologies, I couldn't think of anything else to type for this section! With the above in mind, I have created a flash file with samples of button sounds I was considering for the project website.

One of my other considerations for the major project website is to use some appropriate ambient music, or perhaps something a little more racey.

The sounds opposite include some of those I have found in my library or favourite sites.
    * Sound clips Copyright © 3qsound

3qsound is a fantastic website and well worth a visit. I have purchased tracks from this site many times.

Most of the Site Sounds linked above I consider to be appropriate for the project site i.e "Easy Street". However, I felt that adding background music to the site may not add much contribution if any at all. Instead I may use sound bites attached to hotspots to inform a user that an action can be undertaken, for example: click on button.
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