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Week commencing 25th April

Now that the Major Project is almost complete, I felt it necessary to provide a short evaluation on the final outcome of the project; and any future developments that could be made to the site. The image below depicts the final design of the student survival guide. It was felt that the original concept as shown in the diary entry for Week 9 was not stylish enough to meet the "be cool factor". Hopefully the "new" design (as shown below) can meet that criteria and made it an interesting web site to view.

Major Project website - http://www.street-wise.info

Future Developments
Even though the hand-in of the Street Wise website signals the end of the Major Project, it by no way means the end of the development of the web site. I intend on improving what has already been created and to add more ecstatically pleasing animations to give the users more to look at. Some ideas that have already been thought out include: Simple animated characters, background transitions from night into day and vice versa; and hotspots throughout the buildings so that the user will need to click them before any information pops up on screen.

Other developments would be made to the "back-end" system so that the site could be updated dynamically and the provision made to allow users to upload their personal MSN pictures and showcase them to other site member's. This addition to the site would need to be designed in such a fashion that it does not become a "live" system, meaning that MSN pictures uploaded by users would not be displayed in the members area immediately and instead archived until the site admin checks the upload.

In Brief
Whilst I have mostly enjoyed this Major Project module, I would have preferred not to have gained some grey hairs; I am only at the tender age of 26! Suffice that to say, the project website has turned out well considering that not all brain-storming ideas made throughout the year were not implemented due to time constraints. However, the future developments as (some) listed above will keep me buy for a month or two and become my pet project.


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